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How to Screenshot on PC, Windows, Mac, iPhone & Android in 2022?

The Start menu offers three rows of six icons that you can have pinned, with the ability to scroll through « pages » if you have more apps that you need to pin. There’s also a full apps list that shows you all your installed apps that can be accessed via the « all apps » button located just above your pinned apps. The new Start menu has taken the simplistic approach to doing an app launcher.

  • You select Restart to start the boot into Safe Boot.
  • This isn’t the most ideal method to print the screen on Windows 11.
  • Accuracy of Live Captions may vary and should not be relied upon in high-risk situations.
  • My app broke when I went in to the app settings and clicked Reset.

Of course, you won’t always want an image of your entire screen, but snapping just a portion of your screen is super easy as well. Snipping tool is an in-built app of Microsoft windows 10, To open Snipping Tool press Window Key and then type Snipping tool, Now click on the app as shown in the following image. If you’re looking for a minimalistic tool to grab screenshots and annotate in a snap, you should definitely take a look at Monosnap. This one gives you many editing basics like cropping and annotation in a lightweight interface that pops up every time you grab a screenshot.

If you press the Windows button on your keyboard and you see a colorful Start Screen you’re using a version of Windows 8. Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 10, has a search bar built into the Taskbar on the left side. If you press the Windows button and you see a small Start Menu that doesn’t take over your screen, you’re using Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. Microsoft’s Windows operating systems let users do a lot of things. Every day, machines loaded with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows 10 allow users to create documents and spread sheets. A Windows PC can browse the web, or send an email with just a few button presses.

How to Start Windows 10 in Safe Mode through msconfig

By following the above steps, you can uninstall a program in Windows 10 using Command prompt. « Windows Installer is a software component and application programming interface of Microsoft Windows used for the installation, maintenance, and removal of software », as per the Wikipedia. In older versions of Windows, uninstalling a program wasn’t all that straightforward — you had to go through the Programs and Features menu in the Control Panel.

This is similar to some other answers, especially @Pavel Nazarov’s, but works for different users. And it’s different from the accepted answer because you don’t resources need to install any programs. Staged packages eat up some disk space, but due to hardlinking, the effect of this is mitigated.

On the Find my device settings page, you will find new links to help you learn more about the privacy resources. Also, the pages have been updated to include a live digital clock and information about the currently selected option. The Family page is new to the Accounts section, and it includes the settings previously available on the “Family & other people” page.

How to capture a scrolling screen with Snipping Tool?

That will open a window where you can navigate to the folder you saved the screenshot in (i.e. your desktop), and you will be able to select it. You can also drag and drop the screenshot file from your desktop into the chat window. This isn’t the most ideal method to print the screen on Windows 11. There is sufficient built-in functionality to take a screenshot in Windows 11.

A slide-out pane on the left side of the screen shows you “Windows widgets” a set of curated news, weather and stock information. This is a clear evolution of the weather and news bar we see in recent versions of Windows 10. If you have to interrupt your workflow by, for example, responding to an incoming email, you’ll be able to restore your snapped layout by clicking on an icon on the taskbar. Icons for these “snap groups” will appear next to app icons so you can easily switch back to a complete layout in one click. Your graphics card will need to also have new WDDM 3.0-compatible drivers.

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